Jun 06, 2011

To Tweet or Not To Tweet, Round II

For some reason, the matter of whether to tweet or not continues to polarize the blogosphere. Since my last post on  using twitter to cover and promote conferences , several other bloggers have weighed in. Adrian Dayton and Samantha Collier, legal marketers contend that lawyers can gain value from Twitter, while Tracey Coenen and Larry Bodine say that it's a waste of time and while conceding that it may generate some clients, it's not worth the time.

Meanwhile, on June 1, 2011, a new Pew Internet study reported that Twitter use continues to grow - up from 8 to 13 percent of Americans using Twitter. Interestingly, a quarter of African Americans use Twitter compared to just nine percent of usage by whites suggesting that if you target this market, Twitter might make sense.

As I said in my earlier post and still maintain, I find that Twitter works best when used for tightly circumscribed purposes, like conferences or building connections with media or simply chatting with friends. But if you hop on Twitter every day with the sole goal of getting clients, you'll probably be disappointed.

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