May 27, 2011

Let the Message Match the Medium - Legal Marketing Blawg Update

For those who follow me here at my perch at Nolo's Legal Marketing Blawg, you may have heard my webinar on niche practices, or read my post on specific niches such as representing Baby Boomers or African Americans or Latino business owners. Interesting enough, but how do you pitch your niche? In other words, how do you reach your target market of prospects that is most likely to hire you?

I can't answer that question specifically. depends on what your niche is and who your target clients are. In my case, I represent small renewable energy developers who find me online through blogging or hear me speak at conferences . For landowners whom I represent in siting cases, I've found online e-books highly effective because they objectively educate landowners about a complicated regulatory process, and in doing so make me a trusted information source.

Increasingly, though, smart phones are becoming an important tool for targeting certain populations who rely on mobile devices more than the average. I've noted that evidence shows high use of mobile devices by African Americans and moms. Now, a recent study shows another group - English-speaking Hispanics -who are more inclined to use cell phones than non-Hispanic whites. According to a Pew Study referenced in this CNN piece, not only do Hispanics use their cell phones more often (87 percent own cell phones versus 80 percent of non-Hispanic whites), they also use their cell phones more often and use more features. In fact, in Nevada, a cell phone text messaging campaign was used to organize an Hispanic voter registration drive. Based on these examples, lawyers targeting Hispanic clients might focus on mobile-optimized websites, delivery of information by text and phone apps.

As lawyers, we're natural communicators but often, we focus on what we say. But when you target a niche practice, how and where we communicate our message to clients - whether it's through a blog or an ebook or a smartphone - is just as important as what we say, perhaps even more so.

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